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Our services

Product development

We shape ideas — Our employees discuss everything with the customer right from the start. This close collaboration ensures efficient and targeted planning so that the entire value-added process can be optimally designed.

Where required, or upon request, a qualified employee from our company can act as a resident engineer for our customers.

Tecuplast also designs and develops proprietary products and processes in conjunction with universities and scientific institutes.

Our team has detailed knowledge or the automotive standards.

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Tool and mold making

Tecuplast-quality tools — we design and produce injection molding tools and assembly and testing equipment ourselves, or we work together with partners who meet our high standards of quality.

This affords us the certainty that all tools have been manufactured with extreme care and ensures a reliable production process as well as a perfect outcome.

To make sure this is always the case, we regularly invest in the latest production technologies.

Plastics technology

Tecuplast has cutting-edge machinery, including special processes, such as rotary table systems, 2- component injection molding systems, or the fully automated molding of metal inserts (hybrid components). A higher level of automation, including BDE/MDE, facilitates a transparent and efficient manufacturing process. This means that we are perfectly equipped for both everyday tasks and the more unusual assignments.

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Surface finishing

Exclusive finish — Design is becoming increasingly important for visible plastic components. So the finish must be very high quality and, where required, very hard wearing, including scratchproof or heat resistant. The best is only just good enough. We use and combine different processes, including lasers, printing, hot embossing and electroplating.

We use wet painting to produce decorative surfaces with the aid of water and (UV-curing) solvent systems. Two automated rotary spindle machines are used for processing.

Assembly and packaging concepts

Man and machine — We have modern assembly lines which optimally combine the employee’s abilities, such as their flexibility, with the performance of the machinery. During the process, human intervention is subject to just as much scrutiny as the finished assembly part. This ensures that there is little room for error.

For years now, we have outsourced simple routine tasks to workshops for the disabled which benefits both them and us.

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Quality and logistics

Every member of staff is committed to our quality management program: from the executive board to the machine operator. The findings from the quality assurance process are fed directly back to all stages of product development. Right back to the start where the components and tools are designed. Because you can plan for quality.

The quality management system at Tecuplast is certified in accordance with IATF 16949.

Process management

Seeing the whole picture

Thanks to our many years’ experience, our project management is first rate and covers every step of the process from the initial concept to the finished product.

And because we carefully scrutinise every stage of the project, we’re able to completely avoid problems and interface issues. We also take advantage of the benefits of simultaneous engineering (SE) to make efficient use of the project term and to shorten it wherever we can.

Our customers reap the benefits of the Tecuplast project management system: transparent execution, rigorous cost control ("cost to target") and on-time delivery.